Uber Eats Party
Organize a social gathering effortlessly for everyone, everywhere.
UberEats Party is an individual two-weeks project that I completed at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. I was challenged to create a service in response to the theme of mental health. For this project, I created an extension called UberEats Party, which allows users to socialize with other people easily without extra time and effort.
“More than 3/5 Americans report feeling lonely, and that number has been rising. At such a stressful time, this can contribute to anxiety and have a negative impact on mental health.”
Uber Eats extension allows you to order foods and arrange them based on your preferences collaboratively. It helps users to organize a social gatherings effortlessly and efficiently for everyone, everywhere.
Product Designer
2 weeks
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere
Solo Project
Final Outcome
Visualize the actual size of the food portion
Generate food based on a database with AI Generator
Organize food trays and plates for the social gathering
Ability to order from multiple restaurants
Seeting Expectations
What this project is and what to expect
My goal with this project was to practice my visual design, interaction design and prototyping skills while also learning to manage my own product. I conducted user research and a usability testing session.
Learning AR/VR Design
I focused on learning the fundamental of AR/VR and how ti effects the target user while building it.
Practive Service Design
I focused to learn to implement existing services and develop their feature using AR/VR.
How can we make socializing more
accessible to users with a packed schedule?
Uncovering Issues
User research
results & findings
I conducted a survey/interview to help me better understand the relationship between feeling lonely and mental health. Within 36 hours, I received 89 responses which shaped our idea and created a baseline on what features to implement.
Proposed solution,
Story boarding
The gap of being unable to collaboratively ordering with others by creating a solution vision of UberEats Party as an Uber Eats extension.
Building Solutions
Knowing Our Persona
I depicted our Persona and stakeholders as genuine as possible by conducting user testing activities of different user groups. They walked us through their experience and responded to follow-up questions to pull out the goals, struggles, thoughts, and feelings of each Persona and stakeholder.
Mid-Fi Prototype
Medium fidelity designs & wireframes
After some initial sketches, I created mid-fi wireframes to build out interactions and flows to test with users. The following shows the mobile version of the application.
Visual Guidelines
Usability testing,
findings & iterations
I created a style guide translating the visual brand from the UberEats Application, including their font and color for the final prototype to keep the UberEats look and feel brand.
Build Solutions
Building Augmented
Reality Prototype
I use A-Frame and Figma to make the prototype working.
Final Outcome
Uber Eats Party
Through multiple interviews, usability testing, and iterations, I came up with Sama, an easy way to relieve your symptoms while traveling. It is an effortless application that allows you to:
Lesson Learned
Reflecting on the project outcomes
I learned the importance of examining a pre-existing application's visual branding and user interaction to create an in-app extension that aligns with Uber Eats' brand guidelines and creates a seamless user experience. Even though I have been able to pull off the string to show the scenario of UberEats Party in a medium-fidelity prototype within a short period (2 weeks), I would love to have the final working prototype with visual consistency and final mockups.
Appreciation | Documentation
Special thanks!
Special thanks to all survey, interview, and usability testing participants who helped the Sama development process journey. All documentation published has been acknowledged by all parties involved.
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