Visual Digital Designer at GeoComply
Creative Team, Marketing
Visual Digital Designer
May 2023 - Present
Figma, Jira, Adobe Suite CC
Work is under NDA
OVERVIEW | Authority of GeoComply's website & innovative solution
Worked closely with product managers, product marketers, product designers, marketers, communications director, and other stakeholders as per-request website improvement. 

Within the creative team, alongside three other senior designers, my chief responsibility includes maintaining the website and being responsible for delivering internal and external communication through all digital platforms. Despite my day to day responsibility, I challenged myself to bring innovative design solutions (as a special project) that has become an essential asset for designers and other teams to present to the customer.
My Responsibility
Authority of GeoComply’s website
I am in charge of maintaining and enhancing GeoComply’s website, ensuring it serves as a credible and authoritative source of information for our users and stakeholders.
Brand awareness
As part of the brand guardians, we protect the authenticity of the brand while actively sharing awareness on its proper use and continuously evolving it to stay relevant.
External & internal communication
Responsible for delivering global communications through newsletters, company TVs, and other digital platforms, ensuring consistent and effective messaging both internally and externally.
Interactive demos & other innovative solutions
Spearheaded projects that utilize advanced digital platforms to create engaging interactive demos, significantly enhancing user experience and showcasing our technological capabilities.
PROJECT 1 (On-going) | Website auditing
Initiation: Performance analysis
Working closely with the product and communications teams on a daily basis, our creative team realized that GeoComply's strategic focus has shifted quite a bit since the rebranding in 2022. As the website author, I initiated a comprehensive website audit that went beyond just a design audit; we successfully started a business case study that involved a thorough review of the website stakeholders' workflow and the entire website itself.
Discovery: Gathering insights + interviews
From collecting data to creating high-fidelity wireframes, I've streamlined what the business wants and what it truly needs through internal interviews, testing, and conducting community activities for stakeholders.
PROJECT 2 | Interactive kiosk
GeoComply offers a wide range of solutions to customers (6+ products), each providing specific solutions. These can be overwhelming and often confuse our customers. While GeoComply is proud to offer these solutions, we have created an easy way for users to understand them. From then, it has been our pivotal assets that is sustainable to build long-lasting relationships with our new and existing customers.
Working closely with GeoComply’s customer success team and C-suite executives, I spearheaded the end-to-end process for our interactive kiosks, which are used as marketing and sales tools to this day. I proposed technology options, created low fidelity mockups, and alongside the feedback from stakeholders and collaborations with other designers, I iterated and delivered high fidelity mockups.
Want to learn more about the projects I worked on?
Schedule a talk with me at to talk more in depth on how I bring innovative design solutions to match the business needs.
THE TEAM | Creative team
Working in the Marketing team at GeoComply has really opened my eyes to how engaging managing complex motion design studies can be. It’s not just about understanding user engagement—it’s about diving deep into it.

I started out as an intern back in 2021 and have since worked my way up to being the visual digital designer in charge of our website. Working alongside three other senior designers has taught me so much more than just design skills; they've taught me how to tell our brand's story with confidence and creativity. As GeoComply has a wide range of products, each with its own set of complex details, it’s been crucial to make sure they aren’t confusing for our users. From here, I learned how effective communication and user experience design play a big part in marketing.

The past years have been truly amazing (and I am beyond excited for what lies ahead)! At GeoComply, they don’t just allow me to deliver designs; they encourage me to have fun with it. I’ve learned a lot, especially about finding the middle ground in balancing what the business wants and what it needs.
Excelling in delivering design decision
Demonstrated a strong ability to make informed design decisions that align with user requirements and project goals, ensuring intuitive and visually appealing interfaces.
Business wants vs business needs
Effectively distinguished between business wants and needs, prioritizing solutions that drive long-term value and sustainability through informed decision-making.
Precision under pressure
Consistently maintained high standards of accuracy and detail under tight deadlines, demonstrating adaptability and robust problem-solving skills in high-pressure environments.
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