UI/UX Designer at MyFO
Product Team
UI/UX Desginer
June - November 2023
Figma, Jira, Adobe Suite CC
Work is under NDA
OVERVIEW | My experience at MyFO
I came to MyFO at an interesting time. MyFO had just undergone a visual update and was about to expand from desktop to a mobile web app. While users can be overwhelmed by the number of documents and precise details when dealing with financials, the team was looking for ways to make the MyFO web app visualize data intuitively and securely for the user.I worked on developing multiple features of the product, with three out of four features being developed in Q4 2023.

What I ‘ve done
Led Mobile Expansion
Played a crucial role in expanding MyFO from a desktop application to a mobile web app, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.
Data Visualization Enhancements
Developed intuitive and secure data visualization features to help users manage and understand their financial documents easily.
Efficient Feature Development
Developed three out of four critical features within Q4 2023, ensuring timely progress and enhancement of the product's capabilities.
PROJECT 1 (On-going) | Design library and design system
Atomic design: Ions -> Atoms -> Molecules -> Organisms
After undergoing a visual update, MyFO’s design library needs to be updated to reflect the new branding. While our goal is to organize and keep the library consistent, I see an opportunity to go back and review all the assets that have been used. I conducted a mini-audit of all the assets used across all pages.

Leveraging the Atomic Design method, I ensure that the foundation is consistent by setting variables in primitives and tokens. This methodology enables us to build consistency and scalability across MyFO’s digital ecosystem.
Atomic design: Complex Organisms -> Species
Working closely with developers, we need to ensure that the documentation process across platforms is smooth and organized. Providing an overview and guidelines for the components ensures that all team members understand each component's purpose, functionality, and application, guiding consistent implementation across our products.
PROJECT 2 | 3/4 Features are being deployed in Q3
Research on MyFO’s user journey and current business state, I worked on developing multiple features of the products which 3 of 4 features are being developed in Q4 2023.
Scenario modelling
This feature enables users to simulate different market scenarios using their assets to forecast trends and determine the optimal buying or selling strategy for maximum impact.
Task management
Users can create reminders and assign tasks to clients or themselves, ensuring important activities are tracked and completed
Stakeholder map
The hierarchy map visually represents the organizational structure, clarifying the relationships and ownership distribution among family offices.
AI assist
Utilized AI to guide users on family offices, helping them make informed decisions. (Postponed to Q1 2024 for further refinement and integration.)
Want to learn more about the projects I worked on?
Schedule a talk with me at feliciasugiartaa@gmail.com to talk more in depth on designing features that harmonize family offices' financial landscape or how I created the feeling of intuitiveness and secureness.
My experience at MyFO
Working on a family offices platform, I was challenged to understand deep business terms and how it works to be able to implement and rethink how MyFO’s user journey works effectively. What I learned during my time here:
Ideation to execution
Honed my skills in creating high-fidelity mockups, translating conceptual designs into detailed and realistic visual representations for stakeholders. 
Design library and system
Learned to organize and design a comprehensive library system, ensuring resources are accessible and systematically arranged for all stakeholders.
Teamwork & collaboration
Contributed to streamlining processes and ensuring smooth communication and coordination across all project phases.
Product dprint
Gained valuable experience in managing product sprints, focusing on iterative development and timely delivery of features and improvements.
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